Barbra Streisand’s Granddaughter’s 4th Birthday Surprise: She “Never” Removes Her “Grandma” Bracelet

Her adored stepson gave Barbra Streisand four grandchildren.

The actress sobbed as her stepson’s wife presented her with a bracelet that read, “Grandma.” Since that time, she has never removed it.
On her fourth birthday, Barbra pleasantly delighted her young granddaughter.
Westlyn Brolin, Barbra Streisand’s granddaughter, was featured in a sweet Instagram post on November 5, 2022. The young girl appeared surprised in the shot and was wearing a pink tiara that said “Birthday Girl” and was bejeweled.

She was wearing a pink shirt and had her hands raised, stroking her hair. Her grandma, Streisand, provided an explanation of what was going on in the photo and that day in the caption of the post.

According to the singer, her granddaughter’s expression when she saw her “pretty cake” on her fourth birthday was what she had in mind when she made it! She closed the post by revealing how much they adored the little girl.

It was obvious from the heartfelt post that Streisand adored Westlyn. She was one of Barbra’s grandchildren from her stepson Josh Brolin, who also had other kids and who the actress adored.

Warm Relationship Between Barbra and Her Stepson Who Made Her a Grandma of Four
Despite her fame in singing and acting, Barbra considered being a mother and a wife to be her most important roles. The actress has been married to James Brolin for more than 20 years, and she has Jason Gould, Josh, Jess, and Mary Elizabeth Brolin as stepchildren.
As she raised her stepchildren as her own, the actress’s love for her family was evident, and what was even more endearing was the close relationship she shared with Josh. At the age of 56, Barbra married his father in 1998 after finding true love.

At the singer’s Malibu mansion, the couple wed, and their families merged. Josh, who gave birth to four children in November 2022, loved to see his dad and stepmom, and he even lived close enough to them to be their neighbor!

While taking a break from their demanding work schedules, the “Avengers” actor and his wife Kathryn frequently paid James and his wife a visit. Josh and Barbra shared a connection, and she never hesitated to make time for him so they could cherish their time together.

The Grammy Award-winning singer, her husband, and Josh attended the “Jonah Hex” screening in 2010, and they all posed for the cutest pictures. James’ wife attended the premiere of Josh’s film “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” eight years later, in 2018.

Westlyn’s mother once gave the actress a present that made her cry. Barbra’s life took a new turn after receiving the gift, becoming more than just a wife and mother.

Why Did Barbra Cry When Stepson’s Wife Received Her “Grandma” Bracelet?
In an earlier SiriusXM radio broadcast, Josh told how his wife once Barbra a bracelet labeled “Grandma.” The present that came after Westlyn’s birth moved the singer to tears, and she began crying as a result.

The actor described his stepmother’s “annoying” but “great” practice of emailing him every day with baby names she had come up with. When Westlyn was still a fetus inside Kathryn, the amusing behavior took place.

This is what Barbra [Streisand] admitted in a previous interview on the bracelet she received from Kathryn [Brolin]…
When Barbra found out she was going to be a grandma, she inquired as to when she may go see and touch the unborn child within its mother. The celebrity monitored the infant’s development using an app as well!

Josh claimed that at the time of the pregnancy, his stepmother was quite interested. In 2022, Barbra played the role to Josh’s children, Trevor, Eden, Westlyn, and Chapel, whom she cherished. He characterized her as a traditional Jewish grandma.

The actor from “The Goonies” had the elder two with Kathryn and Trevor and Eden with his first ex-wife, Alice Adair. The smaller ones were enjoyed by Barbra, who lavished them with internet gifts and adored them to bits because the older two were already grownups.When Chapel became a member of the family on December 25, 2020, the musician was overjoyed! James described his wife’s behavior around the little girls who weren’t “her blood grandchildren” as being “just mush,” calling her “just mush” when she was around them:

“The minute I touch her, she just melts into putty,” On the phone, they converse. Every other day, videos of the child’s activities are sent. As a result, we are all close.

Josh’s father claimed that when they learned that a second child was on the way, they were overjoyed! In a previous interview, Barbra disclosed the following regarding the bracelet she received from Kathryn:

I never remove it.

The “Mirror Has Two Faces” actress thought that family came first, was everything, and was more significant than any other consideration. Apart from her relationship with Westlyn, Barbra adored all of her grandchildren equally.

She previously said she found time to spend with all four kids and watch the younger ones. Even James’ wife remembered a time when she skipped her appointments to spend more time with her older grandchild.

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Barbra Streisand’s Granddaughter’s 4th Birthday Surprise: She “Never” Removes Her “Grandma” Bracelet
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